Kitchen Sink 
& Tap Maintenance

I can supply and install a range of kitchen sinks and mixer taps, all to suit your budget. Images provided in my email quotes.

Bathroom Fittings 
& Fixtures 

Toilet won't flush?

Bath taps need updating?

I can help with these kinds of issues and more!

Water Tank Repair 
& Maintenance

Whether its a leaking float valve or an old rusted tank, I can fix or replace these in the tightest of spots!

Radiator Install, 
Balancing & Repair 

From a designer radiator in the bathroom, to a Victorian cast iron version in the hallway, I get the heat flowing through your house. I also fit the standard white panel radiators too!

Washing Machine
& Dishwasher Installation

Whether it's a straight swap or running new pipework to a new appliance, I offer a comprehensive installation service

Burst Pipes 
& Leaks 

Nails through pipes happen more often than you'd think. These leaks, along with your standard kitchen sink and toilet leaks can be dealt with swiftly.